About the school

Welcome to Espergærde Gymnasium and HF! A school within the Danish secondary education located 35 kilometres north of Copenhagen. In this section you can read about the school, a number of international school initiatives, and find the information you need as a visitor of EG.

Values and vision

The three core values of Espergærde Gymnasium and HF are:

• Competency
• Commitment
• Inclusiveness

Our goal is to provide three years of excellent academic learning for the students and prepare them to leave EG with a zest for life and a motivation to earn a university degree. Because of this, we are doing our best to create a school that is academically and socially outstanding.

Our vision is to be the best school for the individual student and for the world around us. On a daily basis, the teachers work hard to ensure the academic progress for each student in order for them to acquire a higher education later on. At the same time, we value solidarity and work continually on creating an environment, where the students have their own voice. This manifests itself through our ways of teaching and through the many student-initiated activities, such as the student council and multiple student committees.

We want the academic, social and democratic competencies, which the students acquire, to turn them into more knowledgeable and active members of society. In this way, we educate students to participate in the surrounding world and we prepare them for higher education, which will enable them to find their right place in life and professionally later on.



The school consists of a main building, divided into various hallways. Here you can find class rooms, a cafeteria, a library, school administration, staff room and study areas. In the center of the building, “Torvet” or “the Square” is located - an open space with a large stage, on which many activities take place. Additionally, the school has a gym, where PE classes are held and where teachers and students have the opportunity to exercise after school.

Facts about EG

Espergærde Gymnasium and HF has approximately 1150 students divided into 43 classes. We have 120 people on staff consisting of teachers, administration, janitors and cafeteria staff. The headmaster since 2012 is Henrik B. Bæch.

The school has a board of 12 members representing business industry, primary- and lower secondary schools, universities, staff and students.

The town of Espergærde

Espergærde is a small town on the North-Eastern shore of Zealand. Being an old fishermans town, it dates back to the 1500s. East of the railway, the old cottages and streets that constituted the town in the thriving harbor days in the 1800s still exist.

Today, Espergærde has 11,500 inhabitants. It has a small town center with a variety of shops, grocery stores and a library. The town has three primary schools (elementary schools), one lower-secondary school (middle school) and one high school - Espergærde Gymnasium & HF. Espergærde is situated by the coast and has several public beaches. It is surrounded by woods and farmland, although the adjacent towns are close by. Public transportation is efficient - Copenhagen Central Station is 40 min. away and Copenhagen Airport is 60 min. away by train. Helsingør can be reached in less than 10 minutes by train in the opposite direction. Denmark is a country of cyclists, therefore multiple bike paths crisscross the area, and the school possesses 30 bikes for students and teachers to use.